Table 1

Sample questions that can be answered by this system.

Examples of cancer vaccine trials landscape questions:

1. How many vaccine trials have started each year since 1995?

2. How many of these trials are currently open?

3. Who are the lead sponsors for these trials?

4. What are the main vaccine platforms used by these sponsors in the trials?

5. Do they focus on certain cancer types or on specific vaccine platform?

6. What are the cancer types that have been interrogated using vaccine strategy?

7. What are the cancer types that are currently interrogated?

8. What phase are these trials?

9. Is there any linkage between cancer prevalence and the numbers of vaccine trials for that particular cancer?

10. Are there any cancers neglected within the vaccine field?

Representative questions specific to the cancer vaccine field are shown. Because of the large number of searchable terms and their combinations

Cao et al. Immunome Research 2008 4:7   doi:10.1186/1745-7580-4-7

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